Foaming Plant

Foamtec International Co., Ltd.
Foaming Plant

Export Processing Zone 1.
Laem Chabang Industrial Estate,
259 Moo 3, Toongsukla, Sri Racha,
Chonburi 20230 Thailand

Tel: (66) 3840-1888
Fax: (66) 3840-1900

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Foamtec International, recognize the importance of providing the maximun amount of remote access to business resources and IP to our mobile employees. By extending access to our resources via a ubiquitous interface, such as the web, we hope that our associates can better serve our valued customers.

We must balance this need with the security of our network resources and intellectual property. Thus, it is vital that you protect your login information and help us minimize the security risk in exposing these service.

Please ensure that you only access these resources from a trusted computer, such as your laptop connected to a home internet connection or a computer dedicated solely for private use. By accessing these resources from public devices, such as Internet kiosks and airport terminals.

All access to these resources is highly monitored and logged-- We will be forced to remove these service from the Internet if these required restrictions are not followed. This e-mail system is for the sole business use of Foamex Asia Thailand authorized users. The company's proprietary data and information stored in this e-mail remain at all times the property of Foamex Asia Thailand. User's have no right to privacy, as to any information transmitted or store in, or through any portion of this system.

Security is everyone's responsibility
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